Johnny Rockets Fireworks
Over 17 years experience presenting Pyrotechnic Displays 
predominantly in the Chicago Land and Northwest Indiana area.
Visit our NEW Superstore Location
8501 Indianapolis Blvd.
Highland, Indiana 46321
Indiana Phone:  219-923-5410
Illinois Phone:  847-501-1270

 If phenomenal fireworks shows with huge shell counts,
awesome choreography and exceptional finales is what
you seek, we are the only choice.  More bang for your buck!

  • Family owned business located right here in Chicago.
  • Over 17 years of experience
  • Dedicated to providing a most unique personalized program for any occasion
  • Known for our very high shell count and premier quality fireworks
  • Provides displays for many audiences and occasions: Small towns, Large Cities, corporate parties, park districts, country clubs, high schools and personal celebrations
  • Fireworks signs for any occasion- Great for birthdays

Fireworks displays for all occasions - Fourth of July, New Years Eve, Tree Lighting Ceremonies (Christmas), Homecomings, Football games, Graduations, Weddings, Corporate events, Festivals, etc...

Do not forget to visit our store located at 8501 Indianapolis Blvd. Highland, Indiana

Johnny Rockets Fireworks Retail Store
8501 Indianapolis Blvd. Highland Indiana

1 Mile South of I-80/94 on Indianapolis Blvd.

Phone 847-501-1270
Phone 219-923-5410
Largest selection of 'class c' fireworks
No gimmicks / Fantastic Prices


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